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District 9

About USPS

What is USPS?

Now rebranded as America’s Boating Club®, USPS is a private, nonprofit, non-governmental, and non-military organization of men, women and families who are socially compatible and have a common love of recreational boating. There are no barriers to membership on the grounds of gender, race, religion or ethnic background. USPS is comprised of some 70,000 members in approximately 450 local Squadrons in virtually every state, and more distant areas where Americans congregate. USPS is the world’s largest private boating organization.

The America’s Boating Club Educational Program is diverse and challenging. It offers to the members the promise of greater enjoyment and safety in their own boating activities. In addition, the Educational Program offers the satisfaction of personal accomplishment, and the opportunity to share with others the knowledge and skills the individual member has acquired.

If you are interested in learning more about America’s Boating Club, please contact the toll free national help line, 1-888-FOR-USPS (1-888-367-8777). You can also visit the America’s Boating Club web site at

To find a public boating safety class near you, call 1-800-SEA-SKIL (1-800-732-7545)

What’s the First Step?

Learn more about membership at our Membership Information Page. Then enroll in the standard eight-session USPS Boating Safety course or in the accelerated two-session USPS Boat Smart course. Call (888) FOR USPS for additional information and for locations and dates of classes near you. These two offerings meet the boating safety education requirements of both state and federal regulations.

Completion of either course immediately may qualify you for a significant discount on your boat insurance. You will also be eligible to join the America’s Boating Club and become active in boating-related activities and additional boating education courses.

What Does Your America’s Boating CLub Membership Mean?

Greater Boating Education, Families Together, Social Events, Community Involvement, Cruises

  • Significant programs have been established and continue to be added to make your USPS membership more beneficial to you.
  • Your membership in America’s Boating Club makes you a part of the finest boating organization in the world, and supports its important mission, that of Safe Boating Through Education.

Sharing Boating Knowledge

  • Learn from our experienced instructors.
  • Advanced Grade, Elective, and Learning Guide materials are continually updated to prepare our members for the 21st century.
  • Self-study courses are available on a variety of subjects.

A Network of Activities for You and Your Family

  • On the Water activities, cruises, rendezvous, sail races, fishing derbies, and more.
  • For the relatively new boater – another boater with whom to cruise
  • Squadron social events, parties, picnics.
  • Dinner dances, speakers of interest.
  • Youth programs involve your children in boating.

Giving Back to Your Community

  • Joint programs with the Department of Natural Resources and the U. S. Coast Guard.
  • Participation in various community projects. Boat Shows, National Safe Boating Week.
  • Service to NOAA by providing revisions to existing charts through our Cooperative Charting Program.

Marine Insurance

  • Most comprehensive boat insurance.
  • Low rates with additional discounts for educational achievements.
  • Special claims consideration.
  • Personal attention.
  • Call USPS Boat Insurance Program at (800) 763-8777.

First USA Visa Card

  • Low and competitive interest rates.
  • No annual fee.
  • Cash-back incentives to benefit your squadron.
  • Call (800) FIRST USA.

Port Captains Program

  • Extensive listing of USPS members to assist you in unfamiliar waters and cities.

USPS Publications

  • Timely and informative boating and USPS information received via The Ensign® magazine. District and Squadron publications.

Federal Tax Exempt Status

  • 501(c)(3) status allows personal tax deductions for selected USPS expenses for Squadron, District, and National participation.

Travel Discounts to National Meetings

  • Airline discounts available through Delta and American.
  • Auto rental discounts and upgrades available through Hertz and Alamo.

USPS Customer Service Center

  • Call (888) FOR USPS (367-8777) for all your USPS® needs.
  • Knowledgeable and courteous staff to answer your questions and process your requests.
  • USPS national web site
  • USPS apparel and accessories available through Ship’s Store.