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District 9

Registration for 2022 Fall Conference “Cruising the Grand” Due by Sept 12, 2022!

Registration for the 1-day confenmce. iru:ludes the conference meeting, a chicken buffet lunch, and cruise. Bonrcling starts at 10am with the conference meeting starting at 10:30am; lunch and cruise after the meeting.

Attention: All registrations MUST be rceceived, on this form, by September 12, 2022. You will NOT be
able to board the boat without a registration.

For the registration form, click here.

US and CANADIAN Border: Rules to Enter Canada via Land or Water During COVID-19

Travelers entering Canada MUST follow the rules set out by the Emergency Orders under the Quarantine Act to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and its variants. Failure to comply with any requirements or providing false information may result in fines, penalties or imprisonment.

To review the rules travelers must follow to enter Canada, please click the link below: